Last update: Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 10:17 AM.
    • Here's a really simple URL-shortener you can run yourself.
    • It connects up to Radio2. Like the now-defunct Adjix, it can return stats back to Radio2 that tell it how many times a link has been clicked.
    • It creates shortened URLs that are actually domains. So it's possible that at some point in the future we could implement this using DNS, making a truly distributed system. However DNS would have to get a new name type, one that equivalences a host with a URL.
    • For now it's just a coool URL shortener. :-)
    • To use this shortener you must point a wildcard CNAME record for a given domain to the server that urlShortener.root is running on.
    • If you're using Route53, you do that by setting the name to *.
    • It should point to the server that urlShortener.root is running on.
    • Here's a screen shot of Interstate 53 being used to configure such a wildcard record.
    • On your server, running the OPML Editor, choose Tool Catalog from the Misc menu, and click the Install link in the same row as urlShortener.root.
    • Then choose Preferences from the Misc menu, and scroll down to the urlShortener section.
    • There's one bit of information you need to give the server, the domain that it's to allocate for shortened URLs.
    • It should be the domain you set up as a wildcard CNAME pointing to this server.
    • This may be on a different server from urlShortener.root.
    • First, be sure your radio2.root is fully updated.
    • Then choose Preferences from the Misc menu in the OPML Editor and scroll to the Radio2 section, then to the URL shortener panel. Make sure the first checkbox is checked, and enter the domain of the URL shortener, the same one you entered in the previous step, in the Domain section.